Best Place to Work contest proves immense pride among workers

Wow. Today is the final day of nominations for our inaugural Best Places to Work contest and I’m so impressed at the response we’ve received so far that I just had to share it with everyone.

As I type this, we have received 1,779 surveys! (I typically refrain from using exclamation points, but that one was deserved.)

That’s nearly 2,000 people who work at companies large and small in the Dakotas and western Minnesota who were willing to take five minutes to give a shout-out to their employer for doing something right. That’s impressive.

Many companies appear to have the support of all or nearly all of their employees, as evidenced by the more than 100 nominations we’ve received in support of several companies. What are they doing right? We look forward to sharing their tips with you when we unveil the top 25 large companies and top 25 small companies in our September issue.

For now, there are still a few hours left to have your say in why you think your business deserves to make the list. Just fill out this employee satisfaction survey and have your co-workers do the same. The more nominations received per company, the better its chances are of making the top 50.

We know people in our region take great pride in their hard work and in their place of employment. Thanks to all who have participated to this point. Let’s keep those nominations rolling in and continue to show it!