Flexibility, good cause top draws for millenial workers

If you’re one of the many employers in our region seeking to attract millenials to fill your workforce needs, you’ll be better off if your company has a cause the generation can get behind. Also, don’t worry about the office pet trend, but do allow your staff flexibility in where and when they work.

AfterCollege Inc., a career network site for college students and recent graduates, surveyed about 1,500 college students and recent graduates earlier this year and found that the overwhelming majority (71.6 percent) ranked “caring about what the company does” as the most important factor they consider when deciding where to apply for a job.

Further, “work/life balance” trumped location and salary in importance for millenials when considering taking a job with a new company, and nearly 80 percent of respondents said the offer of a flexible schedule would dramatically increase their likelihood to apply for a position at a company.

And, in case you’ve been considering adding a “Bring Fido to Work” policy in an effort to up the coolness factor for millenials, don’t do it unless you really love it. Only 28 percent of survey respondents said perks like allowing pets in the office ¬†would tip the scales in favor of applying for work with that company.

Considering the weight given to flexibility and work/life balance, perhaps a better plan would be to let employees work from home with their pets instead.