TrainND Northeast offers professional development training classes

If your New Year’s resolution list includes ongoing education or professional development activities for yourself or your employees, a training series currently being offered by TrainND’s Northeast region may provide the opportunities needed to meet your goal.

“We firmly believe a business’s best asset is its people and we are excited to bring you relevant topics that will improve morale, increase efficiency and ultimately improve your bottom line,” Edie Armey, TrainND Northeast director, said in a news release.

Eleven classes will be offered at the Job Service ND office in Grand Forks, N.D., beginning this month. Topics to be covered will include leadership, communication, business writing, sales, management, presentation skills, attitude and computer applications. Classes are one-day sessions with the exception of two two-day Microsoft training courses. Fees per class range from $65 to $125 per attendee.

The Pembina and Walsh County Job Development Authorities (JDA) have sponsored additional training which will be provided through TrainND in Pembina, Park River, Grafton and Cavalier, N.D. Nine seminars will be offered over the course of the next three months and will cover topics including communication, conflict resolution, employee motivation and computer applications. Classes are one-day sessions and range in cost from $25 to $45 per attendee.

“Thanks to the JDA sponsorships, we are able to keep the class costs affordable for everyone,” Armey said. “Better yet, research proves that training employees improves morale, increases efficiency and ultimately improves your bottom line. People in the rural areas are the backbone of our region and helping them succeed is first and foremost the mission of TrainND Northeast.”

TrainND is a state-funded training agency designed to provide businesses access to relevant workforce training. Regional offices are housed at Williston State College, Lake Region State College, North Dakota State College of Science and Bismarck State College. For more information on the Northeast division’s most recent training programs, click here.