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Our August issue takes a look at several aspects of education, from business-higher education partnerships to teacher internships. Contributing writer Kylie Blanchard covers industry-higher education collaborations for her article, “Teaming Up to Train Today’s Workeforce.” Pick an industry and chances are there is a company in the area working with educators to provide students with industry-specific training. Kylie’s article provides a great snapshot of the diverse array of partnerships being forged in this way.

In “Teaching teachers,” we highlight a program developed in Fargo-Moorhead to provide K-12 teachers with a firsthand look at the engineering design process, the cornerstone of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning. The program wouldn’t be possible without participating businesses, which provide financial support and a considerable amount of time training the teachers. Considering the hectic summer schedule of most engineers, it would be understandable if they passed on the extra work. But instead, companies I spoke with said it was worth the effort and they would do it again because they understand the value of providing real-life examples for teachers to share with the next generation of workers.

We’re also happy to share the story of a teacher-turned-entrepreneur. After working as a teacher for nearly two decades, Ellen Jacobson made a career change and opened North Dakota’s first Sylvan Learning Center 18 years ago. Becoming a business owner with no prior experience has been challenging at times, but she is the first to say it’s nothing compared to the hard work of being a teacher. As we approach a new school year, that sentiment is a great reminder to thank the many teachers working tirelessly to shape our future business leaders.

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